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International Pharmaceutical
Congress Advisory Association

Our History


Formation of the European Pharmaceutical Congress Advisory Association (EPCAA), with a membership of European research-based pharmaceutical companies.


Introduction of the Code of Conduct and recommendation by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry AND Associations (EFPIA) to all its members. The third edition was lodged with the European Commission in Brussels.


The European Association (EPCAA) becomes international (IPCAA)


Italy’s national promotional regulations are so unique that a local branch of IPCAA gets approved. IPCAA Italy continues to grow.


Formation of Therapeutic Taskforces to shift IPCAA’s emphasis from process to more active involvement, with a mission to work closely with the organisers of individual congresses within the spirit of the IPCAA Guidelines.


Change of statutes to make all healthcare companies eligible – and thereby allow IPCAA to represent all sponsors (including Diagnostics and Imaging) at medical congresses.


IEARC (an organisation representing the healthcare congress interests of the imaging and radiology industry) joins IPCAA. However, common interests were limited and several imaging companies left IPCAA after some time.


With the increasing regulations in Europe, IPCAA Italy was integrated back into the organization.


Revision of the IPCAA Healthcare Congress Guidelines including the earlier Code of Conduct.


IPCAA becomes an affiliate member of IFPMA.


Revision of the IPCAA International Healthcare Congress Guidelines.