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Member Meetings

The Annual Members Meeting and the General Assembly are combined and usually take place at the beginning of the year. In addition there are several IPCAA Council Meetings a year.

Annual Member Meetings are designed exclusively for our Member Companies. Participation is for employees of Member Companies only and included in the membership.

The General Assembly is a more legal meeting in which IPCAA member companies decide on the strategy of the association, elections and budget proposed by IPCAA Council.

In the Council Meetings, IPCAA Council Members meet regularly to discuss industry topics, get detailed updates on IPCAA activities in the area of Compliance and Regulatory topics and interactions with other relevant Associations. It is in these meetings where educational sessions and Annual Meetings are planned and new ideas are aired.

Council Members are obliged to attend those meetings regularly but participation is open to employees of all IPCAA Member Companies.

General Assembly
Spring Council Meeting
Fall Council Meeting
Council Meeting prior to GA
Educational Events