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9th Edition of the IPCAA Annual Seminar on Compliance
A virtual event that took place throughout April 2021


A great seminar is over. I enjoyed the open exchange and curiousity of so many of you about the uncertain future ahead. Please stay in touch with us and help shape and join next year‘s seminar! All the best - stay positive and always remain „compliant“. Remember, its not only about doing things right, it‘s doing the right things.

Martin Hess-Janorschke, Moderator and IPCAA Council Member 


Some statements from participants:

Great sessions and looking forward to more especially as the environment is changing dramatically, loved hearing the perspective of the others! 


Thank you all. I really liked the different set-ups. Lots of learnings and new ideas. IPCAA thank you and "see" you soon! 


Wow…. - guess we'll all meet up again next year. Thanks for great sessions. Let's stay in contact and keep on top of compliance in co-creating great events of the future. 


Now available on Demand! 

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