Seminar Highlights 2019

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Highlights - Going Digital 

GDPR and Compliance in a Digital Age from Prof. Dr. Mandy Risch-Kerst and her colleagues Luise Klufmöller and Theresa Rath of EventLawyers delved into the sensitive topic of the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation, and what it means for companies and others working in the healthcare congress space, including pharmaceutical companies, agencies, locations and attendees. They helped those in attendance better understand the definitions of medical data, controllers and processors, and the appropriation of data – i.e., that personal data can only be used for its original purpose, with the exception of scientific research. They highlighted the many challenges now faced with regard to communication, protection of data and consent, and the need for all parties involved to stay informed about how GDPR affects their current activities. 

The keynote address was delivered by Ajay Dhankhar and David Champagne from McKinsey on the role of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics in healthcare. An ageing population, better medicines, connected health and techno-acceleration are disrupting healthcare, with profound implications for risk and compliance in the biopharmaceuticals field. Right now, it is unclear how well most pharmaceutical companies are changing their risk functions and capabilities to address this. – while 80 % of banks are already digitizing their risk management. They explained how holistic risk management in pharma requires assessing multiple types of risks, and how advanced analytics and AI can help, using case studies to highlight the role they could play, the implications they can have. And the changes they believe needed to manage these new risks, from governance to operating models to new technologies. 

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